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Do you have this special ability to teach online as well?

Are you interested in independent and flexible working hours?

Would you like to be in charge of your fees, course materials, schedules, number of students and all in all be free?

Would you like to be your own boss without the endless paperwork, counting taxes and payments etc?

If you said yes to all above, then you could join us.

EDUKOS Online Institute is fresh and young community for online teachers. The key idea is to develop a concept where you are not tied to some particular physical place. Here you can both study and teach no matter where you are: on a beach, in your summer cottage, in a tent in the wilderness... It's all up to you.

All teachers and coaches in our community are working as light entrepreneurs. You can design your courses yourself: the duration, materials, content, the minimum and the maximum number of students, fees etc. We will take care of the rest: marketing, charging and if needed, also the collection of fees.

Anyone can join us. If you know something very well and if you believe you can find the target group and what to do, do it your way and in any language you prefer. You can do some longer courses or short intensive courses or even a lection or a workshop once or twice. You name it.

Are you interested? Email us and let's talk about it more. 

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